NonZeroSoul LLC

What if...?

The NonZeroSoul™ Mission:

"Cooperatively facilitate
continuous paradigm shifting
of computation."

Provide economical access to
the reinvented computing paradigm
through the NonZeroSoul ecosystem:

The demonstrably most efficient computer architecture in the world.

The demonstrably fastest, most human-intuitive
and flexible development process and toolset
for all types of interactive software.

Federated communications network built on NonZeroOne™ nodes
with low latency and high transfer-rate.

Core federated method of facilitated exchange on NonZeroNet™,
absolutely secured and anonymized on NonZeroOne™ nodes,
usable for both digital exchange processes over distance
and in-person exchange by changing hands.

NonZeroSoul™ is in search of humbled people,
looking for their own direction in something that fulfills their soul,
holding a profound lack of understanding
for that which is generally accepted as impossible.

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